Are you home?

Here I am

I was rounding the corner, like so, and thought I might bump into you, but then I remembered that you moved.
Where did you move again?

Not to be the "here we go again" candidate but, I did in fact and I CANNOT stress this enough; move to the part of Canada that is not so lonely but also not so cold.

Is loneliness a bad thing?

it might be a foreign service, so it depends on where you are from.

That is terrific news

And one other quick thing: how do you feel about control?

Control...that's either what can become from not thinking or it can be planned and either way it hurts. That I know. Is that your understanding?

Control hurts the controlled or the one who controls? Or both?

As an active member of both parties. I cannot give you the answer for this project.

Is there another model?

There is but they are transferring it to be more legible. I gather we will find out more specifically in the next couple of months and hopefully it will roll out to the public within the year.

Would you take a spin if you knew it was safe?

Safety is a feature, but never the totality. So I could never imagine living there fully.

I suppose we will never know because we can't afford either. But I don't want to put words into your mouth. Just soppressata and peperoncino.

I like the word peperoncino better than the taste of the thing itself

I'm forgetting. If we met it must have been at an engagement or a work thing where I was nervous. I tend to forget when I'm at things like that plus when I'm nervous there is not hope.

Got hope?

That campaign is due for something new. And you?

Id get down with the new hope.

So funny to find you on tinder!

lol here we are

I feel like I've never met you before

We haven't babe. Lol. At least not in any other way. Unless we have?

Idk you look just like my uncle Frankie so I guess meeting you feels kind of like I'm going on a date with my uncle Frankie

What's his last name?


What does Frankie like? Also, where do we take this from here?

Where do you wanna take it? ;)

Heh. Welllllllll..... Whats up Thursday?

My grandfather is dying that day

But Friday could work!

What do you say we kill him early at about 6:45 and get a bite and see where the day goes? Friday doesn't work for me I have work.


lol classico

What do you do for work?

You're going to learn quickly what kind of guy I am. I'll leave it at that. In terms of work, I am part-time right now. Some acting, and then working in a small shop.

I had a sense you were in show biz... I could just feel it

That all you feel?

No I feel other things too

What is your deepest fear and then I'll guess mine.

I'll have to think on that...

Thinking that mine would probably be having to pick the next thickness for a european currency.

What thickness would you choose

Somewhere between a summer salad tomato and a windshield.

Are your fears closely tied to your hopes and desires?

Good question

Are my desires closely tied to your fears?

Thats interesting and bold considering how much we know each other which is:......?

Depends on who you ask I guess...

I like to consider quite well. Considering the time we, and the other time we, and then also when all of that happened to us. And can't forget the time we.


How do you feel in this conversation?

Wondering when you will ultimately ask me and really get down to what this is all about.

And you?

I'm getting that you like to get down and also that you like to get it

Is that a bad thing? Are you interested in something similar? Is this me just asking for it? Getting down?

How many times a day are you worried that you did a bad thing?

Is that normal?

65 and over

Is normal? Or is bad?

Is worrying that you did a bad thing the same as feeling guilty?

But they can be.

Do you remember when we used to do percentage check ins of how well we knew each other?


What percentage do you think you know yourself?