The Artist Residency and Presentation Space

is a fiction

current artists in rescidence

  lauren bakst
  nibia pastrana
  kiana rezvani

presentations by previous artisits in residence

b00k 1, winter 2017
  julia handschuh
  manolis tsipos
  theo livesy
  camila malenchini

download a free PDF of b00k1 || order a printed copy of b00k 1

b00k 2, summer 2019
  zinzi buchanan
  bryana fritz
  ty wardwell + ethan folk
  centro cultural sheraton

download a free PDF of b00k2 || order a printed copy of b00k 2

upcomming presentation at b00k

15 april 2021

what is the b00k artist reisdency and how to join in?

the artist residency

b00k is an international residency and presentation venue for artists. the residency space consists of 4 private studios which are interconnected by a shifting arrangement of other rooms such as a kitchen, a library, a basement, and a lounge. residency studios are limited to the following dimensions

  3 months time
  120 pages
  A4 page size

importantly, studio limitations are inflexible. neither time nor space may be added or subtracted. the unique architecture of the b00k studio is specifically designed to support artists working at the intersection of performance and paged media.

each residency ends in an informal showing of the artists studios. this showing takes the form of a free PDF, or a paid paperback book.

become a resident

if you would like to apply to become a b00k artist in residence please send a brief introduction to ben and camila at yonkersinternationalpress at gmail dot com

visit the public rooms of the b00k residency facility

a number of the rooms at the b00k residecy facility are open to the public year-round. please note that desktop visitation is strongly encouraged over mobile. public visitors, please enter by clicking the image below


in 2019 b00k introduced .GALLERY, a new space to present art on the internet..GALLERY shows lasted one month and were limited to 45mb per artist. After 4 shows .GALLERY was put on hiatus. if you'd like ot be a part of bringing .GALLERY back to life please email ben and camila at yonkersinternationalpress at gmail dot com

previously shown at .GALLERY


15 may - 15 june 2019
 no title by s1m0nc3ll0 and QueenDitch
 OPORTUNCRISIS by luciano demarco
 SEESAW by julia gladstone and aaron graham

15 february - 15 march 2019
 Link in Bio by audrey kadjar
 LASHES by florencia rodriguez giles
 NEVER FORGET by famous artist

15 january - 15 febraruy 2019
 REFLECTIONS OF A GREY BIRD by vangelis tzolakis
unreliable history by laurel atwell *note: this show was an ongoing performance, now concluded
15 december - 15 january 2019
 untitled by starti tarist
 TsqSquire by Isdor Ducin
 show name by Fjóla Gautadóttir

<><><><><><><><><> was initiated by ben van buren in 2016. since 2018 it is co-0porated by ben van buren and camila malenchini.<><><><>

<><><><><><><><><>ben and camila remain very greartful to Hacklab 01 of Zagreb, Croatia, for the invitation to present their work on b00k at the Medika Squat in the fall of 2020. xx<><><>