B00k is an residency space and presentation platform.

B00k invites 4 artists at a time to be in residence, and to share their work in a group presentation

B00k offers each artist a workspace measuring
   A4 (210mm x 297mm, or, 8.27in x 11.69in) by 120 consecutive pages
   (pages are full bleed)

workspaces are brought together and opened to the public in the form of
   a free PDF and a low cost digitally-printed, perfect-bound paperback book
   both available at b00k.xyz

the next public presentation at B00k will be: ↓¡NOW!↓

       the b00k launch party is a DESKTOP browsing event
       some features will not work on mobile browsers
       one of the featured performances will not run on safari. to view, please use another browser


B00k does not use a designated
email address
all communication is conducted
through personal email