b00k.xyz: is a fiction

b00k.xyz is c0-0perated by camila malenchilni and ben van buren.

reisdency and presentation space
b00k offers ocassional residency space to artists working at the intersection of publishing and performance practice. Residencies last three months. Each residency is culminated with a public party and the presentation of a b00k (A4 by 520 pages, black and white) of the artists work.

.GALLERY space
.GALLERY presents an ongoing series of month-long net art shows.

chat room space
a public chatroom is here for you to use as a meeting space, or just to hang. NOTE: all chat text is archived and may one day be published by b00k.xyz

b00k was founded in 2017 by ben as a way to understand what it means to be in touch in spite of not sharing a room, or a century. It continues as a collaboration between ben and camila NEED TO WRITE WHAT WE THINK ;)

b00k 1 — residency and work by: julia handschuh, manolis tsipos, theo livesy, camila malenchini
b00k 2 — residency and work by: zinzi buchanan, bryana fritz, ty wardwell + ethan folk, centro cultural sheraton

.GALLERY archive — an archive of previous work exhibited in .GALLERY. Some works may be broken.